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Why has shooting got one of the best safety records of all sports?


Because everyone who shoots has safety instilled in them from day one of their shooting life and is monitored on every shoot they participate in by everyone else who shoots. Have a lapse in safety and someone will remind you immediately! It is a very safe and sound sport.

Safety when shooting is a simple case of following good practice.

  • Guns should only be closed when on a stand ready to shoot, regardless of whether you 'know' the gun is empty.
  • Guns should be withdrawn from a slip with the barrels pointing at the ground and should be opened as you withdraw it from the slip.
  • A gun should only be loaded when you are ready to call for a clay.
  • Never mix different gauges of cartridges in the same bag, belt or pocket.
  • If there is a problem with the trap or there is a delay (e.g. the traps are being re-filled) then break your gun and remove the cartridges.
  • Break the gun if you need to remove gunslip fluff from the end bead-you can't pull a trigger if you don't have any fingers.
  • Wear a hat and safety glasses when shooting-shards of broken clay can take an eye out.
  • If you have a misfire, point the barrels down-range and wait for a minute, in case of a delayed reaction in the cartridge. Break your gun, remove the cartridge and make it safe.
  • DO NOT walk in front of the safety line-it is there for a reason.
  • Finally, if you see someone else being unsafe, TELL THEM!

Please think carefully about shooting safety - not just yours but also those around you. If you see something unsafe then have a quiet word with that person. We are ALL responsible for safety whilst shooting.

Thank You

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